1. Will you have access to my medical records in EPIC? Yes. We will have access to EPIC, the record keeping system of Maine Health. This means that if you go to an ER or get hospitalized in one of the Maine Health facilities or see a specialist who practices in the Maine Health system, we will have access to those records.
  2. Will you remain affiliated with SMHC?  Yes.  We will maintain active privileges at SMHC.
  3. Who is this for? This is an ideal model for those with chronic medical problems that need an internist for regular monitoring and care coordination. It may also suit the healthier patient who desires easy access to their physician and personalized care. 
  4. Are we available at all hours? Under the Access Model, you can reach your doctor directly after hours for urgent matters. Non urgent matters should still be managed during office hours.
  5.  I don’t feel well, what do I do? Call.  We will make every effort to help you. We can see you same day or next day. We may also advise you to use the emergency room depending on severity of symptoms.
  6.  Can I keep my specialists? Of course. We will work with them to be sure your care is well coordinated.
  7. Can I use the walk in clinic? Absolutely, if you choose. 
  8. What if I cannot pay the $500 up front?  We respect the cost of being part of our practice.  We will work to customize a payment process with you on an as needed basis.