Why Start Our Own Practice

Over the past 10 years in primary care, we have seen changes in the patient physician relationship.  Patients often cannot get in to see their physician when they need to.  There are many forces working against this, resulting in dissatisfaction for patients, providers and staff. What we know is that over the years, we have made great relationships with patients and staff and  enjoy practicing medicine.  In our new practice, we want to strengthen the relationships between patient and physician by creating more access. We want to have a smaller number of patients in order to deliver comprehensive care patients deserve, when they want it.

In order to successfully open our own private practice as we envision it, we will be merging two business models,  the traditional model with an access model.

How We Are Different

  • Lower patient to physician ratio
  • Greater access to your doctor
  • Longer appointment times
  • Same/Next day appointments
  • Cell phone access to your doctor