Traditional Model
The traditional model of “fee for service” is what most patients are accustomed to.  This is where you are charged a copay and your insurance is billed for each visit. Physicians have over 2000 patients on their panel.  The physician gets paid based on the number of patients he or she sees in a day.  The more patients seen, the more the physician gets paid.  Not only does this burn physicians and staff out, it disincentivizes physicians taking time to listen to their patients concerns, and can result in patients being brought into the office for things that could be managed over the phone. 

Access Model
The Access Model utilizes an annual charge per patient to provide enhanced access not seen in the traditional model.  The benefits are: ​​

  • Cell phone access to your doctor for calls and texts
  • Same day and next day office visits.  
  • Flexible office hours if needed. 
  • Direct access to office staff and providers for questions and prescription refills.
  • Direct after hours access to Drs. Jennifer and Steven Cutone for urgent issues. 

By  merging the Traditional Model with the Access Model, we are able to put value back into the patient physician relationship.  We will be able to provide the right care at the right place at the right time. We will be able to retain high quality staff who you will come to know and depend on.

Other benefits:

  • Smaller patient to physician ratio
  • Enhanced access through non-rushed office visit, tele-visit, patient portal, and phone calls. 
  • Coordination of your health care with all your specialists
  • Coordination of care after discharged from the hospital
  • ​Avoid unnecessary walk in clinic/ER visits due to enhanced access and communication
  • Management of simple health problems(ie UTI, colds, conjunctivitis) directly over the phone and remove burden of office visits
  • Guidance on where to get the best value for medical services such as labs and imaging